Archives for February 2012

The Birman (The Sacred Cat Of Burma)

The Birman Cat originated in Burma, where legend says that they were the guardians of the Temple of Lao Tsun. It’s said that Birman’s were once solid white cats with yellow eyes. The head priest of the temple was named Mun-Ha and his companion was a cat named Sinh. The legend says that the temple […]

Flat-Chested Kitten Syndrome or Pectus Excavatum?

Guest Post by Jemima. If you’ve just brought home a young kitten, or if your feline friend has recently had a litter, there are two respiratory conditions about which you should be aware—Flat-Chested Kitten Syndrome and Pectus Excavatum. Both conditions can be present in young kittens, and both have the potential to be fatal. While […]

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