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Earlobe Sucking In Cats

Earlobe sucking is when a cat either sucks on her owner’s earlobe, or on parts of her own body. It is a variation on wool sucking which is is a behavior that mimics suckling and cats who do it find it comforting. When a kitten is born, she should remain with her mother and littermates until […]

How To Perform The Heimlich Maneuver On A Cat

Place one hand along the back of the cat and your other just below her sternum or rib cage.  With both of your hands in position, give four forceful thrusts by pressing in and up.  Next you’ll want to check her mouth for the foreign body with a finger sweep.  Follow with two breaths, mouth […]

Schedule Biannual Checkups For Your Senior Cat

Although it is recommended that all cats should be given an annual exam, veterinarians today are now recommending that they should receive biannual (or twice yearly) exams beginning at age seven. Twice-a-year checkups for your aging cat are very important and should be made a top priority in maintaining and prolonging a high-quality life for […]

Why Cats Chase Their Tails

When a cat chases her tail she may be doing it as a way to help her release pent up anxiety or aggression or simply because she’s bored. However if the behavior is new to your cat and becomes repetitive, or frequent and intense, it could be an indication of a behavioral or medical problem. […]

Hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing’s Disease) In Cats

Cushing’s disease is when the adrenal glands produce too much cortisol and is often the result of a cancer. This cancer, about 80 percent of the time, resides in the pituitary gland and causes the cats adrenals to continue to produce more hormone than is needed. In the remaining 20 percent of the time, it […]

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