Defensive Aggression In Cats

In cats Defensive Aggression may happen quite suddenly, an example for instance, during pets. Your cat suddenly lashes out when moments before everything seemed fine. However, you will be able to recognize your cats body language that follows these outbursts if you carefully pay attention to the signs. Maybe your cat was enjoying the petting during the first few minutes or so, but then she may have moved her ears to face forward or folded them so that their backs are faced towards you. She may intensely stare right at you and twitch her tail from side to side. This is your cats way of telling you that she’s had enough, that she feels constrained. At this point you need to listen to what she is saying to you and let her go. This form of aggression doesn’t mean that your cat doesn’t like being given affection; it just means that she only likes it for a certain period of time until her threshold has been reached. You will need to learn to read the signs that your cat is sending you and listen to them. To gradually increase her threshold for affection or anything else, for example, a brushing, by increasing the time spent slowly and making it into a positive experience. For instance, you may wish for your cat to spend more time sitting on your lap, to encourage her to stay give her treats. She will eventually learn to make the connection, and you will no longer need to give treats every time once her threshold is increased. If your cats body language changes from relaxed to aggressive then let her go without a treat however. By continuing on you will send your cat a mixed message by rewarding her aggressive body language, and once she’s feeling defensive, it will only aggravate the situation. Just give her some space and try again the following time.

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  1. Its tough to tell with my cat. Sometimes he swooshes his tail if he is in a playful mood but other times he will get upset if you try to pet him. He hasn’t bitten anyone but makes me nervous for my kids.
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