Separation Anxiety In Cats

It is commonly known that separation anxiety is a behavior problem seen in dogs, but it also can occur in cats as well. The cause may be related to the cat being weaned too early or being orphaned. Cats show separation anxiety in a variety of different ways. They may be destructive, such as scratching at walls or furniture, digging in your plants, or knocking things over. They may also eliminate outside of their litterbox, many times on objects that hold their owner’s scent. Cats may also become aggressive, vocalize excessively, or overgroom themselves. There are some cats who even start out by being possessive and overly clingy to their person of choice.

It is important for owner’s to make their arrivals and departures as low key as possible as part of the behavior and environmental modifications. This is when keeping your cat entertained is of importance. Your cat will need more exercise and a stimulating environment. There are medications available that can help to modify this unwanted behavior, but these should only be used alongside of behavior and environmental modifications.

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  1. You’re absolutely right. Cats separated by bereavement also go through a very difficult time. In out family we had two brothers cats, one of whom died quite youmg. The surviving cat was very depressed for quite a few months and became very withdrawn, although I’m pleased to report he is much happier now.
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