Why Cats Chase Their Tails

When a cat chases her tail she may be doing it as a way to help her release pent up anxiety or aggression or simply because she’s bored. However if the behavior is new to your cat and becomes repetitive, or frequent and intense, it could be an indication of a behavioral or medical problem. If this behavior is a new one to your cat, then she may have some kind of an irritation in her tail region, for example a flea infestation or an anal gland problem. If your cat exhibits this behavior on a more frequent and intense basis, it may be an indication of a behavior problem. An example of a behavioral problem would be an obsessive compulsive behavior which has been caused due to genetics or environmental factors. In either case, a trip to your veterinarian would be a wise decision to make on your part, because even though you may find your cat chasing her tail both funny and sweet, it usually signals that there is an underlying problem.

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  1. Wow, this is super helpful. I would agree with the post that I just always thought the tail chasing was “funny and sweet.” I never actually thought that this could be a medical issue that I needed to address. Thanks for the post and information.