Wool Chewing

If you’re not familiar with what wool chewing is, this unwanted behavior is exactly what it sounds like. A wool chewing cat can destroy a sweater, a pair of socks or even a blanket in a matter of minutes. It is believed that some cats crave fiber, and that some breeds appear to have a higher need than others. For example, Siamese cats often display this behavior.

To solve this problem you’ll need to remove all temptation. Don’t leave your bed unmade if you have a blanket on it, keep a comforter or bedspread over it. Don’t toss your socks on the floor. And make sure you keep your sweater drawers closed and don’t store any sweaters on shelves where your cat can get to them.

Make the switch to dry cat food if you’re currently feeding only canned. You may even have to offer free choice feeding, meaning leaving it out for the cat to nibble on when she wants. If you’re currently already feeding dry food, speak to your vet about changing to a higher fiber formula. If you own a cat that simply refuses to eat dry food, try to increase the fiber content of her canned meals by adding a half-teaspoon of canned pumpkin or half a teaspoon of bran. Start doing this slowly, add only a few flakes at a time and work up to a half-teaspoon.

Also you may want to grow some kitty greens for your cat to snack on as well.

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  1. thank you for the advice i own a siamese cat and he does do all those things you mentioned so thanks again

  2. I had never heard of wool chewing before, so this was very interesting to me. Your blog has very interesting topics, and the header and theme is so cute too.