The Burmilla

the burmilla catThe Burmilla is a tipped Burmese type that was created in Britain in 1981 as a result of a mating between a chincilla Longhair (Persian) male and a lilac Burmese female.

Origins of the Breed:

In 1985 the Burmilla was given its breed name, and a breed club was formed. In 1990, preliminary status was granted in Britain in what is now called the Asian-Burmilla Group. The Burmilla, however is not recognized in the United States although it has been introduced there.


The Burmilla has a semi-foriegn body, which is medium in length and thickness with firm muscle and a straight, level back. It’s tail should be medium in both length and thickness, and should taper to a rounded tip. The head is a short wedge with a distinct nose break, gently rounded on top. The Burmilla’s ears are medium to large and set well apart, round-tipped, and inclined slightly forward. The eyes are full and set well apart also. The coat is short, close-lying and fine. The coat’s tipping should be most dense along the cat’s spine and down the tail, fading down the flanks to disappear on the underparts. The tipped areas should be as free as possible of tabby markings, however these often do appear faintly on the head, legs and tail. All colors except cinnamon and fawn are accepted in shell or shaded forms.


The Burmilla is a beautiful cat with an affectionate nature like that of the Burmese, however they don’t like to be left alone. Grooming should also be done at least twice a week.

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