The Nebelung

the nebelung catThe Nebelung, or otherwise known as the longhaired Russian Blue or the Nebelung Blue, is an exceptionally handsome cat. The name Nebelung comes from the German word nebel, meaning mist or fog. The first Nebelung was named Siegfried and he was born in the early 1980’s. A medium sized cat weighing 8-12 pounds, the Nebelung is prized for their medium length blue fur which is silky to the touch and tipped with silver making them appear to shimmer in the light.

The Nebelung has an alert stance and a businesslike expression. Their bodies are long, lithe, and slender. The tail is fluffy and carried erect. The head is a modified wedge, with ears set far apart, well pricked, well tufted, and wide at the base. The slightly oval eyes are large and set well apart. The eyes are a haunting green at maturity. As kittens, their blue eyes turn yellow before finally turning green as adults.

Nebelung’s are active intelligent cats that form strong bonds with their humans, but will tend to stay away from strangers. They’re very affectionate cats that love to sit in your lap and will follow you from room to room. They are also quiet cats that will appreciate quiet homes. They like routines and don’t handle change well. Nebelung’s are not cats for a family with small children. They can do well with other cats and dogs, but only if they are calm.

Nebelung’s are not a demanding cat and are an excellent companion for anyone with a quiet stable home. Grooming is moderate by longhair standards.

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