Norwegian Forest Cat

the norwegian forest catAt first take the Norwegian Forest Cat has a superficial likeness to the Maine Coon Cat, but the two breeds evolved entirely separately. The Forest Cat is natural to Scandinavia and has a historical background as a farm cat. Pedigree was established in the 1930s, but didn’t debut in the United States until 1979 and was given full recognition by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1994.

The Forest Cat is a large, strong animal with a long body and long legs with heavy paws. Their triangular shaped head has a long, wide and straight nose with large almond shaped eyes set at a slight angle. The coat which comes in all colors and patterns is dense and waterproof with a woolly, insulating undercoat and the medium-long topcoat gives protection from the rain and snow. A ruff around the neck and chest is prominent in the fall and winter but disappears in summer. This cat has finely tuned hunting and climbing skills and strongly developed claws. But despite these characteristics, the Forest Cat has a sweet and dainty face. They are hardy, playful, affectionate and extremely active. Therefore, outdoor access should be provided. Also they will need frequent brushing and combing to prevent furballs as they moult very heavily in the spring and summer.

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