The Ocicat

sleeping ocicat kittenThe Ocicat is a large, athletic, exclusively spotted breed with a solid, long-legged body that is strong and muscular. A fully grown female can weigh up to 12 lb (5.5kg) and a male up to 15 lb (7kg). Their legs are long and the hindquarters should be just slightly tapered and have a dark tip. The head is a modified wedge that has a broad muzzle and strong chin. Their eyes are large and almond shaped and angled slightly upwards towards the ears. They should also be well spaced with more than the length of an eye between them. And the ears are large and wide at the base and curved at the tips.

The coat of the Ocicat is smooth and glossy, tight, and sleek. Although it is short, it is long enough to show the bands of color which are the breeds’ hallmark.

The available colors of the Ocicat are: chestnut brown or light chocolate spots on a cream background, blue with slate blue spots, golden with cinnamon spots, bronze with tarnished gold spots, lavender with darker lavender spots and silver with black spots.

The temperament of the Ocicat is superbly healthy, intelligent, and playful with a gentle nature, and very sociable. They like to play retrieving games, will walk happily on a leash and respond well to training. Outdoor play is essential since the Ocicat is a large cat.

Grooming is fairly simple, requiring only an occasional brushing.

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