The Interesting World Of Scottish Fold Cats

scottish fold catIf you have never heard of a Scottish Fold Cat, you may be shocked when you see a photo of one for the first time. The truth is that Scottish Fold Cats can take you by surprise when you see that many of them have ears that fold down, making them to appear to have no “cat” ears at all!

There are many different kinds of Scottish Fold Cats. You can find them in almost every color and pattern you would find any other cat in. They are great domestic pets and do great in almost any home. The Scottish Fold Cats are very adaptable. They really need very little special attention. They only need food, water, a place to live, and love! They are incredibly easy to deal with in terms of personality and needs.

There are two types of Scottish Fold Cats; those with the folded ear and those with a straight (normal) ear. The interesting thing is that the cats are all born with normal ears. At about three to four weeks old, the ears will possibly fold. Some won’t however. It all depends on the genes and their mutant pattern. Those with folded ears are considered more valuable than those with normal ears however. In fact, those with folded ears are the only kind allowed to be shown at this time. So, obviously the Scottish Fold Cats with folded ears usually sell for a lot more than those with normal ears. They are also harder to find, which make them not only more valuable but also rare.

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