The Abyssinian

The Abyssinian CatThe Abyssinian is a medium sized cat noted for their large ears and Agouti ticked fur. Their body type is somewhere between cobby and oriental, with males usually weighing between 8-10 lbs and females weighing 6-7 lbs. With their thin lithe bodies and large ears, the Abyssinian very closely resembles the cats in ancient Egyptian paintings.

The Abyssinian’s most common color is a dark ruddy brown which gives them the look of a wild cat. They also come in red, blue, and fawn. Regardless of color, all Abyssinian’s are prized for their ticked fur which has 4-6 bands of alternating colors that give the cat a spectacular shimmering appearance especially in the sunlight.

Abyssinian’s are both very social and active cats and are best for people who can give them a lot that of attention. You can pretty much count on an Abyssinian to get into anything and everything and will always want to be involved in whatever it is that you’re doing. They are affectionate and loyal, but are not lap cats. They tend to bond best with adults and not so well with children.

If you find you can’t spend a lot of time with your Abyssinian, than it’s best that they have a companion. They tend to get along well with dogs and will quickly teach them whose boss. Abyssinian’s generally don’t do well with other cats as they are very jealous and covet the attention given to other cats.

Abyssinianimage via Wikipedia

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