The Bengal Cat

The Bengal CatThe Bengal Cat originated from crossing an Asian Leopard Cat and a Domestic Shorthair. With Males weighing up to 20 pounds, the Bengal is a large cat that is prized for it’s random spotted rosettes or marble patterns that give them an exotic wild cat look. The Bengal comes in several colors: brown tabby, seal sepia tabby, and mink seal tabby.

Bengals are extremely social, active, playful, and at times mischievous, they tend to get into everything. They are adept climbers with a love of water and they can keep you entertained for hours with their play. They can easily be trained to play fetch or even shake hands. Bengal’s form strong bonds with humans and will love being involved in most everything you do, they’ve even been known to follow people into the shower. Bengals are great with children, including small children, making them an ideal family pet. One should think twice about owning a Bengal however if you cannot devote a lot of time to them, as these cats demand attention and will not be ignored.

If find yourself taken with Bengals but cannot spend a lot of time with them, then it is essential that they have a companion. Another cat is ideal, but Bengals are also good with most other animals, although given their strong bond with people, they can become jealous of the attention given to other animals.

Bengal Cat Image via Wikipedia

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  1. John,

    Your story about the Bengals was neat! What surprised me was that they like water. As you know most cats hate water.
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  2. The Bengal cat is truly striking. We nearly got a Bengal a few years back, but ended up with our bratty Birman instead ๐Ÿ˜‰
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