The Cornish Rex

The Cornish RexThe Cornish Rex was first seen in a litter of barn cats in Cornwall England in the 1950’s. The Cornish Rex is a very exotic cat, in fact if you rated just how exotic on a scale from 1 to 10, they would be off the scale. They share many similarities to the Sphynx cat, but unlike the Sphynx, they are not hairless. They have short wavy hair which gives them a wrinkled look.

The Cornish Rex is a result of a genetic mutation that left their coats lacking the guard hairs found in other breeds. This single layer coat is wavy like a washboard and incredibly soft, perhaps the softest of any breed. Weighing 4 to 9 pounds, the Cornish Rex are small and very active cats. They are long and lean with an arched back and very long legs, which makes them excellent jumpers. They have small egg shaped heads with large eyes and larger ears that appear to be bigger than their head.

The Cornish Rex is an extremely affectionate cat. Their bonds with humans go beyond strong; they actually need human companionship, and will become depressed without it. They will always want to be around their families and be involved in whatever they are doing. The Cornish Rex is very playful and is said to remain kitten-like their entire lives. They are very intelligent cats that often figure out how to open drawers and turn door handles. They are also known to play fetch and to use their hand-like paws to throw things back to you. They’re great with other cats and dogs and good with children of all ages.

Is the Cornish Rex right for you? They are perfect cats for a family that can give them a lot of the attention they crave. If you can’t spend a lot of time with them then they should have a companion. They’re a breed that’s sure to impress your friends, since it’s near impossible to look at the Cornish Rex and not see that there’s something different about them. They are a healthy breed and their short wavy hair requires little or no grooming. Some say that because of their short hair they are an alternative for people who are allergic to cats, but evidence shows this to not be the case. Although, their short coats make shedding minimal so there is less hair on everything in the house.

Cornish Rex Image via Wikipedia

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