The Devon Rex

The Devon RexThe Devon Rex was first seen in 1959 in Devonshire England. Their very exotic elf like features have earned them the name pixie or alien cat. They’re thin medium sized cats, with round eyes and large ears that are set low on their small egg shaped head, but what they’re most prized for is their short, wavy coat of curly hair. Their coat lacks the guard hairs of other breeds and only contains a soft layer of down like fur that curls giving them a washboard look, similar to that of a Cornish Rex, although the two are not related. The genetic mutation which causes the curling of the Devon Rex’s coat also causes their whiskers to curl, making them appear to have very short whiskers or no whiskers at all. Their slight bodies and long legs make Devon’s excellent jumpers who will try to occupy the highest spot in every room.

The Devon is a very friendly and people orientated cat, but are generally a one person cat. They have a fairly large mischievous streak in them, and are well noted for stealing all types of food if you’re not careful. Their personality is very dog like, and the Devon will want to be involved in everything you do. Their short hair has them always seeking out a nice warm spot, which will often be on you. They’re a very intelligent breed that can can be taught to play fetch, walk on a leash, or perform tricks like “jump” and “sit” that are common for dogs.

Is a Devon Rex right for you? Their short hair makes them easy to care for, but it is myth that they don’t shed. While their fur is short and not as easy to see, they shed as much as any other breed. It’s also not true that they’re hypoallergenic. They’re good with children and other animals making them perfect for families. They are a very active breed, so if your looking for a wallflower, the Devon is not for you. The Devon Rex is a very exotic and friendly cat that usually bonds with a single person. Their playful personalities can keep you entertained for hours.

Devon Rex Image via Wikipedia

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  1. Ah, the alien cat! Great article. Definitely an active and lively breed. They are great cats and are usually always full of personality.

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