The Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau CatThe Egyptian Mau is an ancient breed of cat that some experts believe are the descendants of the wild African cats that appeared in ancient Egyptian artwork. If you’re rating how exotic cats are on a scale from 1 to 10, the Egyptian Mau would be a 15. Even their name is exotic, with the word Mau meaning cat in Egyptian. They were first introduced to America in 1956 by exiled Russian Princess Nathalie Troubetskoy.

The Egyptian Mau is the only naturally spotted domestic cat, and unlike other spotted cats, the Mau’s spots are also on their skin. They’re a medium sized cat with males weighing 10-14 pounds and females weighing 6-10. The Mau is a lean cat with a wedge shaped head, green eyes, and distinctive mascara lines on the sides of their faces that some believe was the inspiration for the eye mascara worn by ancient Egyptian women. Their back legs are longer than their front and they have a skin fold under their belly similar to a cheetah which allows their legs to extend further giving them the ability to run at speeds in excess of thirty miles per hour. They’re very athletic cats and ferocious hunters that can devastate a rodent population, so if you own an Egyptian Mau, it’s very unlikely that you’ll have a problem with mice or rats.

Egyptian Mau’s form strong bonds with their families. Fiercely loyal, they tend to bond with a few members of the family and will likely meet you at the door when you return home. They are not fond of strangers and generally don’t like other pets, not even other cats. They have an even temperament and are good with children up to a point, but will only tolerate so much. Mau’s are very vocal cats and make a noise called chortling to show happiness.

Is the Egyptian Mau right for you? They’re a perfect cat for a quiet home with one or two people and no other pets. If you like to impress your friends, the Mau is exotic enough to impress even the most indifferent person. Their short hair requires little to no grooming. They are generally healthy, but are known to be sensitive to anesthesia and vaccines, so it’s best to make sure your vet is aware of this. The Egyptian Mau is an extremely rare cat so you should be aware that finding one could be a challenge.

Egyptian Mau Image via Wikipedia

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