The Exotic Shorthair

Exotic ShorthairThe Exotic Shorthair is sometimes called the lazy person’s Persian, as they have the look and personality of a Persian without the hard to handle coat. The Exotic Shorthair came about in the 1950’s when breeders of American Shorthairs secretly bred them with Persians. These hybrid American Shorthairs angered many ASH Breeders who pushed for new breed standards that would disqualify them. Undaunted, one breeder began to push for them to be recognized as a new breed and in 1966 they were recognized by the CFA as the Exotic Shorthair.

The Exotic is a medium sized cat usually weighing 10-12 pounds. Their compact powerfully built bodies have a round appearance, and along with their large head with large round eyes, they have small flat pushed in noses which gives them a sweet inviting appearance.

Exotic’s are noted for their easy going personalities. They’re true lap cats that love to be involved with their families. Although they’re not particularly demanding cats, Exotic’s don’t like to be left alone. They will tend to follow you from room to room or sit in front of you until you pay attention to them. They’re playful all of their lives and tend to be more energetic than a Persian. They’re good with other cats, dogs, children of all ages, and are generally comfortable around strangers.

Is the Exotic right for you? As their name tells you, they are a very exotic looking cat. They have great personalities that are sure to impress just about anyone. Exotics are best for families as they don’t like to be left alone. If you want an Exotic and are going to be gone often then they should have a companion or at least leave a radio on. A big plus is that their fur doesn’t mat like a Persian so they don’t need to be brushed every day. Exotics have been called the best kept secret in the cat world. All the best traits of a Persian without the hard to handle fur. The Exotic really is a perfect cat for just about everyone.

Exotic Shorthair Image via Wikipedia

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  1. I think Exotic Shorthair is the right cat for me because it’s not too furry but it’s still so cuddly. I love cats but I’m too lazy to brush their fur often. Yay!
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