The Himalayan (or Colorpoint Longhair)

the himalayan catThe Himalayan generally has a cobby build and a round head with round eyes and long whiskers. Their coat is Persian in type and has Siamese markings. The eyes are a very vivid blue always. In fact, breeders aim to produce the deepest eye color that they can.

Show standards vary slightly between different countries, and even within the United States in some organizations. However in general the requirement is for white or cream body coats, evenly colored, with color at the points- meaning at the ears, tail, legs, and paws. Their coat should be long, soft and silky, standing well away from the body, with a full ruff and a curtain of hair between the front of their legs. The body should be deep chested and massive between the shoulders and hindquarters, with short, sturdy legs. The paws should be large and round with good tufts. The tail should be short and full and carried low.

The head of the Himalayan is carried on a short and thick neck with a well-rounded face. A definite break should be visible between the short nose and their forehead. The ears are well apart and set low on the head, small, rounded, tilted forward, and with good tufts.

The Colorpoint Longhair kittens are born with a creamy-white coat which is not let long but fluffy. Their true Longhair coat does not appear until they reach maturity, but coloring at the points begins to show within a few days.

The temperament of Colorpoint Longhairs tend to be much the same as that of a Persian, such as placidity and adaptability. Also as with all Persian types , the coat will require frequent grooming.

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  1. Colorpoints are wonderful. Our colorpoint was very smart and even more affectionate.