The Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon CatThe Maine Coon Cat is one of the largest domestic breeds with males weighing up to twenty-five pounds and females up to fifteen. Native to the North Eastern United States, Maine Coon’s are perfectly adapted to the harsh North Eastern winters. Their large powerful bodies are covered with a shaggy coat of medium to long hair that is water proof, and their large bushy tail can be wrapped around their faces to help keep them warm. Their large feet have tufts of fur between the toes that help keep them warm and makes it easier for them to walk across snow. The Maine Coon’s soft and silky fur comes in every color except chocolate and lavender, and unlike other long haired breeds, they require no special grooming.

Despite their large size and unique appearance, Maine Coon’s are most prized for their personalities. Often called Gentle Giants, they’re easy going and take everything in stride, which makes them perfect for any kind of family. Maine Coon’s are typically not lap cats, although they do tend to form strong bonds with their humans and are very loyal to them. They are also very independent and perfect for families who cannot spend a lot of time with them. Equally, their patient disposition and even temper make them perfect for homes with small children. They are also excellent with other cats, dogs, and almost every other type of animal. It’s really no surprise that Maine Coon’s are one of the most popular breed of cat and an excellent addition to any family.

Maine Coon Image via Wikipedia

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