The Persian Cat

The Persian CatThe Persian Cat is the most popular breed of pedigree cat in the United States. Weighing from 7 to 12 lbs, the Persian is a medium sized cat with short legs and a Cobby body. The Persian is prized for their large round head and eyes, and a tiny flat nose, giving their faces a pushed in appearance.

Persians are very easy going and affectionate. A lap cat by nature they need lots of attention and love to play. If you must leave a Persian alone it’s best to have another animal as a companion. They do well with dogs and other cats. Their docile nature makes them a perfect match for families with children. They are generally affectionate with everyone in the family, although, they sometimes bond with one person in a home and demand far more attention from that person.

It’s easy to be taken in with the Persian’s distinctive look and great personality, but one must remember that they are a cat that requires a lot of maintenance. They cannot effectively groom their long coats themselves so they will require daily brushing and will need to be bathed on a regular basis. Their small noses can make it hard for them to breath and they can also suffer from excessive tearing. The excessive tearing is primarily a cosmetic problem.

It’s not hard to see why Persian’s are the most popular cat breed. When you look at their pushed in faces it’s hard not to smile. Adorable and sweet, the Persian is perfect for families that can give them the attention they need and the grooming they require.

Persian Cat Image via Wikipedia

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  1. Jeffrey Miskell says:

    I once had a Persian cat. You are right about the maintenance of the thick coat. I learned this lesson the hard way. The hair gets all tangled up in knots and becomes very unmanageable.