The Somali Cat

The Somali CatThe Somali Cat is the long haired cousin of the Abyssinian. They first appeared in the 1950’s as the result of breeding programs with long haired Abyssinianís. With their bushy tails, full ruff and breeches, masked face, and their ticked fur, the Somali strongly resembles a fox, which makes them a very exotic looking cat that would rate a 9 on a scale between 1 and 10. The Somali’s ticked fur gives them a feral look. It is comprised of 4 to 6 alternating bands of color which gives them a spectacular shimmering appearance, particularly in the sunlight. They come in four colors: ruddy, red, blue, and fawn. With males weighing 8 to 10 pounds, they are medium sized cats with long lean bodies that are elegant and graceful.

The Somali is a very active cat that you will often see charging through the house, jumping through the air, or running sideways like a monkey. They love to play and and can be taught to play fetch. They are very friendly and thrive on human companionship, and although they’re affectionate, they’re rarely lap cats, preferring to sit next to you rather than on you. Somali’s love to be involved in everything you do and will likely follow you from room to room checking up on what you’re doing. A very intelligent and inquisitive breed, Somali’s love to explore and will search every part of your home. At times, they can be mischievous. They have a fascination with water and some will even figure out how to turn on water faucets. They are also very good at opening cabinets and drawers and you may just find them sleeping inside them as they often have secret hiding places. They’re generally good with other cats and dogs and are good with children of all ages.

Is the Somali right for you? They’re perfect for a family who can give them plenty of attention. They are not the right choice for someone who doesn’t want or can’t handle a high energy breed. They are easy to care for despite being a long haired cat. Most long haired breeds need daily grooming and shed continuously, but the Somali’s fur only requires grooming once a week and they only shed twice a year. If you do decide on a Somali but you have to leave them alone for long periods of time, then they should have a companion to keep them company. Their exotic look is sure to impress your family and friends, and since they don’t mind being around strangers, they’re sure to be a topic of conversation. They are generally a healthy breed but they are prone to dental problems.

Somali Image via Wikipedia

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