Cleaning Your Cat’s Ears

Before you start to clean your cat’s ears make sure you take a good look inside them first, check for any sores, ear mites or signs of infection. If your cat has a blackish-brown crumbly material visible in her ears, that’s a tell-tale sign of ear mites. Your cat will need a visit to the vet and be put on ear medication. A trip to the vet will also be in order if the ears look inflamed, have an odor, or are sensitive to the touch. Don’t attempt to clean her ears if this is the case as you’ll only make them worse. If your cat’s ears look good and healthy but have some dirt or wax build-up in them, wipe the inside of her ear with a cotton ball that has a little ear cleaner on it. Never use a cotton swab on your cat, you could injure her delicate eardrum.

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