How To Apply Eye Medication

To apply eye medication, place your cat on a counter or sit with her in your lap in a “v” position, which means placing the cat between your legs facing away from you. This way is she tries to back up, she has no where to go.

To administer ointment make sure your hands are clean and thoroughly rinsed of soap. You will need to tilt your cat’s head slightly upward with one hand. With your other hand holding the tube of medicine, rest your hand against her cheek so that you don’t accidentally poke her in the eye if she should suddenly move. Now gently pull the lower lid down and apply the amount in a strip along the lid. Don’t worry about rubbing the eyelid as doing so will only cause irritation. The ointment will automatically spread as the cat blinks.

To administer drops, tilt your cat’s head upwards. Rest the hand holding the dropper against the cat’s cheek to prevent injury in the case of your cat suddenly moving. Now drop the prescribed amount into the eye, be very careful not to touch the eye itself with the applicator. Let the cat go to allow her to close her eyes.

Never put any drops in your cat’s eyes unless they were prescribed by your vet.

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  1. Sit with her eh? Now I’m sure all us cat owners know that doesn’t work lol I actually sit on mine in between my legs so she won’t go anywhere to give her pills. Never had to do eye drops and liquid medication is out of the question. Now when I had to do dialysis on her, she laid on the counter top very nice and quiet until I got her fluids in and then she got a treat and all was over with. She was an excellent kitty.

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