Feline Pine Scoop Cat Litter

I recently tried a bag of Feline Pine Scoop cat litter for the first time. Feline Pine is an all natural cat litter. It pretty much looks just like regular pine saw dust and it doesn’t get more natural than that. I own three extremely picky cats and they didn’t have any trouble at all adapting to it. Even my ferret loved playing in it, but sadly he wouldn’t use it!

After using Feline Pine for a couple of weeks I found that it did work quite well. The odor control is far superior to any cat litter that I’ve ever used. In fact, the ammonia smell that we all know so well is practically non existent. It can be a little harder to scoop than some litters (meaning it can be hard to find your cat’s business!) but nothing that presents a real problem.

I’d recommend Feline Pine to anyone who is looking for an all natural cat litter. It does the job as well as any litter currently on the market with far better odor control. It’s reasonably priced, $3.49 for a 3.8 lb bag where I shop, but it really does last a lot longer than clay based litters. Give it a shot, your cat’s will let you know if they like it or not!

This product was given to me for the purpose of review by Feline Pine. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. The honest opinions and views are 100 % mine. Please refer to the disclosure policy for more details.

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