Indoor Cats And Hazards

When leaving your cat or cat’s home alone indoors for any period of time, take care to remove any potential hazards. Be sure to keep cupboards closed as they may house hazardous substances, particulary in the kitchen, and block off all chimneys. And also so as not to cause a temptation as playthings, any electrical cords should be straightened up and secured. You may also want to free up a couple of decent sized surfaces of any knicknacks to be available as resting places for the cat. Be sure to shake out any bedding material every day.

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  1. We had to put child safety locks on our cabinets. Our oldest make Ragdoll would open a cabinet under the sink, his sister would walk in, and then he would push the cabinet door closed.

    We also had a Hemi that knew what drawer the treats were in and he could pull it open and help himself.