How To Trim Your Cats Nails

To trim your cats nails you will first want to place your thumb on the top of her paw and your fingers underneath it to give support. You will then press down gently so that the nails will extend. Only the very tip of her nail should be clipped, this is the non-living cuticle. If your cats nails are light colored you should be able to see where the pink area begins by taking a close look. This pink area is the vein and you want to be careful not to cut it as it will cause both pain and bleeding for your cat. If your cat happens to have dark nails you won’t be able to see the quick at all so be sure to just clip the very tip. Never cut past the start of the curve of the nail. Be sure not to forget about the dewclaws on the front paws.

Apply styptic powder or gel to the end of the nail if you accidentally cut too far and caused bleeding. A bar of soap can also be used to stop the bleeding by gently dabbing your cats toe with it. Your cat will put up a fight when it comes to trimming her nails if you continue to cut the quick and cause her pain, so always remember to cut less than you think you ought to.

If your cat is resisting while you’re trimming her nails just stop and call it a day. Don’t try to get all her nails done in one sitting. Forcing the issue will just stress you both out.

If trimming a kittens nails, hold her against you so that she’ll feel more secure.

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  1. its very hard to trim…but u present such a nice article, having valued information.regards
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  2. When we visit the vet, I let the vet trim Cassie’s nails. I’m afraid that I might do it wrong.