The Feline Aging Process

With cats, their lifestyle affects their life expectancy much more than the type of breed they are does. Well cared for indoor cats stand a much better chance of living to a ripe old age compared to outdoor cats who only see the vet for emergencies. The following is a chart comparing a cat’s age to human years:

Cat’s Age In Human Years

1 month 6-8 month

3 months 4 year

6 months 1o years

8 months 15 years

1 year 18 years

2 years 24 years

4 years 35 years

6 years 42 years

8 years 5o years

10 years 60 years

12 years 70 years

14 years 80 years

16 years 84 years

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  1. I had just put my long time buddy down for heart desease. It hurts. He was always there for me when I was sic, down, or needed a hug.I feel realy bad thatI couldn’t do the same for him. He more or lesscame to me 8 yrs ago and has been with me were ever I was. I taught him how to walk on a leasheven though he wouldn’t leave my side withoutone. The doc gave me no choose. I didn’t want to see him suffer and with out use of his hind quarters would be terrible. He was always very active. Now there is a hole in my heart.

  2. You just confirmed how lucky I was to have had my beloved T.C. (Top Cat) for 18 years. She was indeed the old lady of the manor in her last few years, eventually developing a form of kitty Alzheimer’s. But we didn’t care. She lived indoors from the time she adopted me and slept on my feet for all those years. She left us on Labor Day weekend 1998, but I still miss her every day and will never own another cat. She was one of a kind. Thanks for reaffirming how special she was and just what a long, long life she enjoyed, even though it was far too short for me.

  3. Like your site, very informative

  4. Mike&Nobe says:

    Great site! so informative…its helped me out with my cat!