Choosing a Male or Female Cat

Did you know that since all cats, except for those being kept for breeding purposes, should be neutered, so this in fact causes there to be very little difference between males and females in terms of behavior, health or longevity. And also contrary to popular belief, it is nothing more than a myth that neutered males become fat and lazy, although they do however tend to be bigger. So when the time comes to choose your new pet, don’t let the cats’ sex become the sole basis of your decision as it really does make little difference.

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  1. Jessica Garcia says:

    We used to have a male blue Persian cat “Ben” who was beautiful and who unfortunately passed away, we now have a beautiful female long haired blue tortoiseshell cat called “Amy” they were both neutered. However, I don’t know if this is just coincidence or not, but our female cat seems to be more of a character than our male cat was and she gives more attention to my husband and my son than she does to myself or my daughter lol

  2. Thanks for clearing my confusion whether i’ll go for male or female cat… i m planning to have one cat at my home for my kids, who like cats but was confused on their sex, their behaviour, nature etc…But i’ll go for female cat. Thanks again.