Cat Bathing: The Dry Cat Bath

There are alternatives of a dry shampoo or a bran bath for those who just aren’t comfortable with the idea of bathing their cat or who feel that it is unnecessary to do so. You can purchase special dry shampoos from your local pet store, but you may also prefer to use unperfumed talcum powder, cornflour, or Fuller’s Earth (dry absorbent clay) instead. You will need two people to accomplish this task however. Begin by opening the coat by lightly brushing fom tail-to-head. Then sprinkle your chosen powder and work it in gently with your fingers. Then you should let it be for a few hours, in which during this time the cat will lick and shake some of the powder out on its own. The remaining powder will then need to be thoroughly brushed and combed out. If choosing a bran bath instead, the procedure is similar. The bran is to be warmed and then gently rubbed into the coat and left for a few hours before being thoroughly brushed out.

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