Fleas and Cats

The most common external parasite found on both cats and dogs are fleas.Fleas usually tend to be more of a problem during the warmer weather months, but because of their continuous life cycle ability indoors, they can be a nuisance during the cooler weather months as well.

The Affects Of Fleas On Your Cat:

The first sign that your cat may have fleas is if she bites and licks at her coat and skin repeatedly.You may at times be able to see the fleas themselves swiftly moving through your cat’s coat.The fleas may not always be that easy to see however since your cat may remove them during her normal grooming habits.The continuous biting and licking at her coat may cause your cat’s skin to become red and irritated, have noticeable patches of hair loss, and tiny crusts (miliary dermatitis).Fleas can also transmit other parasites to your cat, like the tapeworm, as well as cause skin allergies.

How To Check Your Cat For Fleas:

Adult fleas can be harder to spot on a cat than on a dog.A good method for checking if your cat has fleas is to check her coat for what is known as flea dirt (or flea feces).You can check for flea dirt by briskly combing or rubbing a section of the hair on your cat’s back while she is sitting or laying upon a white sheet of paper.If your cat does have fleas, the flea dirt, which looks sort of like black specks of dirt, will fall upon the paper.In a relatively short period of time, these black specks will appear red or rusty-colored if you transfer them to a dampened piece of paper.The red color that results is due to the fact that the blood that was sucked from your cat is passed in the waste matter of the flea’s.The dirt specks will most likely be just “normal” dirt if they don’t turn red.

How To Prevent Your Cat From Getting Fleas:


In order to control fleas, they must be stopped from reproducing.Indoor areas such as pet bedding, carpets, furniture and anywhere else your cat spends much of her time will have the highest amount of developing fleas.Vacuuming these areas often as well as frequently washing pet bedding can help to reduce the number of developing fleas from within your home greatly.


Outdoor areas are usually of less concern to pet owners who have cats only and no dogs, though fleas can also develop in shady, protected outdoor areas.By treating and preventing fleas right on your cat, most flea problems can be managed.Make sure to treat any dogs in your house as well since dogs and cats can share fleas.Flea problems can differ from pet to pet or between each household, so it’s important to note that each problem may require a certain method of control.

Steps On Should Take:

You should seek advice from your veterinarian about your specific situation.Your vet will be able to recommend products for controlling fleas which are safe and effective as well as determine exactly what you’ll need.Your vet will also be able to determine whether or not you should treat your home and yard by a pest control specialist.


It’s important to remember that while fleas are primarily an annoyance, they can carry other illnesses.In dealing with a flea problem, one must control both the flea populations within your cat’s environment as well as killing fleas on your cat.

Your vet will have treatments which are not available over the counter.

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