Cerebral Hemorrhage (Stroke)

Strokes in cats are caused by ruptured blood vessels bleeding into the brain. Though true strokes are not typically seen in cats, hypertension (or high blood pressure) may cause strokes and similar brain damage. The initial cause of cerebral hemorrhage in most cases is often unknown. However, before the stroke, the cat may have had a recent upper respiratory infection or other illness that produced a fever.


The signs of a stroke often appear rather suddenly and include spasms of the limb and facial muscles, loss of coordination, paralysis, and blindness. An increase in vocalization may also be a sign. Only one side of the body is usually affected by the stroke. The residual signs of a stroke include seizures, behavior changes, pacing and circling.


The diagnosis of a stroke can be made from the cats history and physical findings. The confirmation of a stroke however, can only be done through special studies that are very often not available to most practitioners.


The only treatment for a cat who has had a stroke is supportive care until she has adapted to her dysfunction.

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  1. It sounds like cats are affected by a stroke in much the same way a human is. The symptoms sound similar.

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