CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

CPR must be performed if the cat has no heartbeat and isn’t breathing. If the cat does have a heartbeat but no respiration, artificial respiration should be performed instead. Never attempt to perform CPR on a cat who is breathing. Since CPR is difficult to perform, if it is at all possible to get to the nearest animal hospital, then do so. If your local animal hospital is too far away, you’ll have to attempt to perform the procedure yourself.

The steps to perform CPR on a cat are:

  • Lay the cat on her side.
  • Continue doing artificial respiration in rhythm with CPR.
  • With one hand, place your thumb on the cat’s sternum, and your fingers on the opposite side so that your palm is cupping her chest.
  • Compress her chest firmly but gently. The cat’s ribs may be broken if CPR is not performed gently. The rate is one compression per second. Perform five compressions then administer a breath of artificial respiration without stopping the rhythm of the heart massage.
  • Always observe the cat for signs of life and every few minutes check for a pulse and spontaneous breathing.
  • If you feel a heartbeat stop immediately.
  • Another method of administering CPR is to place one hand on each side of the cat’s chest, just behind her elbows. Using both hands, compress her chest five times then perform artificial respiration one time before repeating the chest compression.
  • If you’ve been performing CPR for thirty minutes, it’s very unlikely that the cat will be revived.

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