Feline Acne

advanced feline acneFeline acne, a pretty common skin condition, appears as tiny blackheads or pimples on the cats chin after the hair follicles have become clogged. In cases where the condition is more severe, the pimples drain pus, and the cats bottom lip and chin become swollen. It is believed that the cause of the acne is due to the lack of grooming to the cats chin and so both oil and dirt accumulate. Also since plastic tends to be harder to keep clean compared to ceramic, stainless steel, or glass, cats who eat from plastic bowls may also be more apt to develop this condition. Stress, hyperactive sebaceous glands, sleeping on the hard ground, and hormones in cats between 2-4 years old may contribute to the development of acne as well.

In situations where the feline acne is mild, meaning there are blackheads only, you can treat it by gently cleansing the area with a warm washcloth and just a little benzoyl peroxide soap. Take care not to scrub too hard as scrubbing can worsen the condition. Veterinary treatment will be necessary for more serious acne cases. After the cleansing, your vet will give you a benzoyl peroxide gel to apply to the affected area on your cat. Your vet may also prescribe antibiotics.

Feline acne may be a recurring condition in some cats. If this happens to be the case for your cat, you will need to continue treatment with the cleansing and benzoyl peroxide gel indefinitely.

Advanced Feline Acne Image via Wikipedia

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  1. We have discussed this problem on our newsletter too, the main cause for the problems usually goes all the way back to cat’s grooming habits and this makes owners more aware of possible problems if they are left untreated and not throughly cleaned. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Clea Rathbone says:

    My cat, Toolose first began having this problem a couple of years ago. After researching it I decided not only to get plastic out of his life but to get him a ceramic water fountain (I found them on Etsy). Since then he has not had the problem at all. Seems it isn’t known if its in the plastic itself or in the bacteria that grow in the scratches – either way, metal or ceramic is best. I’m surprised how many cat blogs still advertise plastic bowls and fountains.