Feline Ear Polyps

Cats of any age may develop ear polyps, but these growths are more commonly seen in cats between the ages of 1 and 4 years old. They may be the result of either a developmental defect or they may be related to chronic inflammation. Ear polyps will usually start in the cats middle ear and either grow out through the eardrum to the external ear canal or internally to the auditory canal. Cats who have recurrent ear infections should be checked for ear polyps carefully.


Cats with ear polyps will shake their heads and sometimes have a discharge from their ear. The ear can be very painful. Other signs may include a head tilt and a raised third eyelid. Some cats may have multiple polyps or may even have another one within their nose or throat which may cause breathing problems.


Polyps will need to removed surgically. It’s very important that care be taken to remove the growth entirely or otherwise the growth may return which is common. Follow-up treatment with corticosteroids may help reduce the chance of recurrence. Nerve damage rarely remains after removal and most cats have a complete recovery.

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  1. Is there not any other treatment without surgery?

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