Feline Heartworm Disease

Heartworm is a disease which is more commonly seen in dogs, but since it can be contracted by cats as well, it’s important to make sure you keep your cat protected.

Heartworm is spread by larvae carrying mosquitoes. The mosquito injects the larvae from its saliva when it bites the cat. Once the larvae mature into worms, they move within the cats circulatory system and eventually make their way to the heart or lungs.

Signs of heartworm: signs may include vomiting, loss of weight, coughing, and anemia. Breathing will become difficult as the disease progresses. Blood tests and radiographs are used to confirm diagnosis.

You can help protect your cat from heartworm by administering a monthly heartworm preventative. Your vet can discuss this option with you. It’s smart to provide as much protection as you can for your cat if she goes outdoors or you live in an area which is high-risk (any climate where mosquitos may be around). If your cat lives in a warm climate, she may need to stay on a heartworm preventative program year round. Cats who live in colder climates can be given the preventative just before the start of mosquito season and remain on it until the season is well over.

Currently there is no approved treatment for feline heartworm disease.

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  1. it was thought that my cat Mikko might possibly have heartworm – it turned out to be asthma. But when the doctor discussed w/ me the possibility it could be heartworm I was told basically there was nothing they could do & he could basically drop at anytime! I was shocked!! Thank God his test came back negative & it was asthma!

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