Heatstroke In Cats

Summer will soon be on its way so it’s important to know that cats are vulnerable to heat stroke. Longhairs are especially vulnerable when on a long car journey as traveling baskets or carriers in a confined space have less ventilation. Heat stroke symptoms are exceptionally rapid breathing, the appearance of the haws, and a noticeable rise in temperature, and they can appear alarmingly quickly. When going on a long journey always have water, a dish and an old towel handy. If the first signs of distress appear, offer the cat a drink and then wrap her in a wet towel, paying particular attention to the head, but be sure she can breathe easily. If symptoms persist, seek veterinary help. On recovery, there are usually no after-effects. You can minimize the chance of heat stroke by ensuring a flow of fresh air over the carrier and keeping it in the shade. At rest stops the car should be opened up or place the carrier outside. Never leave a cat alone in the car even if the window is left open.

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