Hepatic Lipidosis (HL)

Hepatic Lipidosis or HL is a common disorder of cats and occurs when fat accumulates in the liver cells. The cause is usually due to an underlying primary condition such as diabetes, starvation, kidney disease, or obesity. Any disease process that stops a cat from eating may also cause hepatic lipidosis. The reason why this may happen is because as the body begins to break down fat, fat and by-products begin to accumulate in the liver. The fat then stays in the liver since cats lack some of the enzymes that are necessary for complete fat metabolism. Idiopathic hepatic lipidosis refers to cases where no underlying cause can be identified.

As fat accumulates in the liver, the cats organ becomes enlarged and will turn yellow. Jaundice will become visible as liver failure progresses.

Treatment will involve both nutritional support and fluid therapy. Force-feeding or a stomach tube will be needed in cases that involve anorexia. When the cat begins to eat on her own, she will be placed on a long-term prescription diet.

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  1. Force feeding or a stomach tube for a cat sounds so traumatic. Very sad. Thanks for the info.

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