Older Cats – Skin, Hair And Nails

matted_cat_hairAs a cat ages, her skin will start to lose elasticity and become dry and thin making her more prone to irritation and infection. To the aging cat, lumps and bumps on and/or under the skin become more common.

Her grooming habits will become less conscientious (many times due to other physical ailments such as obesity or arthritis), which results in odor, dandruff, hair matting (particularly in longer-haired cats), and other skin conditions. Her claws will often times become thicker, more brittle, and overgrown (often curling around and digging into the pad of her foot). As older cats have a greater difficulty in retracting their claws, they may actually trip when they get caught in any fiber, particularly in carpeting.

Signs : Dandruff or flaking skin; nonstop scratching, body odor; hair loss or matting; weird growths or skin discolorations.

Associated Diseases/Disorders/Conditions: Obesity; Cancer or benign tumors; or parasitic invasion.

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