Treating Cat Vomiting

Seek veterinary attention if you have any question about the seriousness or cause of the vomiting. A cat who has been vomiting can quickly become dehydrated as she loses body fluids and electrolytes. The likelihood of dehydration seriously increases if the vomiting is combined with diarrhea. It is very important to contact your veterinarian immediately if your cat has been vomiting for more than 24 hours, has become dehydrated, or if her vomiting recurs.

Treating vomiting at home is only acceptable for those cats who are normal and healthy and show no other signs than vomiting. Older cats, kittens, and cats who have a preexisting health condition should be treated by a veterinarian as they are all less able to withstand dehydration.

The stomach responds quickly when the foreign material has been expelled. Afterwards it is very important to rest your cats stomach by withholding her food and water for a minimum of 12 hours. Allow her to lick ice cubes if she appears to be thirsty.

If the vomiting has stopped after 12 hours, offer your cat sips of water. In addition to the water, you may also offer a pediatric electrolyte solution in small amounts.

If your cat has been able to tolerate the water well, you can move on to a strained meat baby food. Be sure the baby food is low in fat and contains no onion powder. Offer your cat four to six small meals a day for the next two days. You can then return to your cats regular diet.

Stop all food and water and seek immediate veterinary help if:

  • Your cats vomiting continues even though she has received no food or water for several hours.
  • Your cats vomiting returns while attempting to re-introduce her food and water.
  • Your cats vomiting is accompanied by diarrhea.
  • Your cat vomits fresh blood or what looks like coffee grounds (partially digested blood).
  • Your cat has become lethargic and weak or shows other signs of systemic illness.

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  1. Brianna says:

    So my cat Smithwicks vomits. A lot. We have taken him to the vet multiple times and basically all we can do is make sure to buy like science diet cat food or the stuff we buy from the feed store (because it’s organic). And sometimes he vomits even with that. My other cat, Oscar, on the other hand, has gotten into a pan of fried rice we left on the counter, leftover halloween candy my step brother had under his bed, and various other things–the only thing he refuses is pork. Oscar is healthy and Smithwicks is fat. I think my cats are just bizarre and make no sense.

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