Treating Snake And Lizard Bites In Cats

When treating snake or lizard bites in cats, the first step one should make is to identify the snake or lizard and look at the bite. If you know that the reptile is not poisonous, clean and dress the wound. If it looks as though the cat was bitten by a poisonous animal, immediately proceed to the veterinary hospital if you are within 30 minutes of it. If you cannot get to the hospital within 30 minutes, take the following steps, then go to the nearest veterinarian hospital to you.

  • Venom will spread rapidly if the cat is active, so it’s important to keep her quiet. Struggling, exercise, and excitement will only increase the rate of absorption, so carry her.
  • If she has been bitten on the leg, apply a constricting bandage, such as a piece of cloth or a handkerchief, between the bite and her heart. Don’t make the bandage too tight, you should be able to slip a finger beneath it. For five minutes on every hour, loosen the bandage.
  • Never wash the bite, doing so will only increase the absorption of the venom.
  • Never apply ice to the wound, it may damage tissue and will not slow absorption.
  • Never make cuts over the bite and/or never try to suck the venom out. You could end up absorbing the venom yourself and is never successful.

After following these steps, leave for the nearest veterinary hospital asap. Treatment by a veterinarian will involve circulatory and respiratory support, intravenous fluids, antihistamines, and species-specific antivenin. The earlier the cat is given the antivenin, the better the rate of success. Any cat who has been bitten by a poisonous snake or lizard should be hospitalized and put under observation for 24 hours, even those who have shown no signs, because often the signs of envenomation are delayed.

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