Why A Kitten Needs Interactive Play

Interactive play sessions are beneficial to your new kitten. These sessions are important because they help:

  • reduce fear
  • build muscle tone and coordination
  • prevent items in your home from being damaged
  • to teach what is and isn’t acceptable for her to scratch or bite
  • ease discomfort after a traumatic event (for example, a loud noise like thunder)
  • reduce tension in a household with multiple cats due to the addition of the new kitten
  • to create a bond with her new family
  • to become comfortable with her new environment

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  1. I also think it is important as a weight loss exercise if you have an overweight cat!

  2. Valerie from PetFoodDirect says:

    I live with 7 indoor cats, all of whom were adopted from shelters as kittens or rescued by myself. I play with all my cats from the moment we select each other. My cats enjoy rough play and are gentle in return because they understand how to interact with me. They especially love when I talk in high silly voices to them and are very vocal in return. ๐Ÿ™‚

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