Why Do Cats Arch Their Backs?

A cat who is arching her back quite dramatically is doing so as a defensive reaction. When threatened she will do this to make herself look as intimidating as possible. In animals this is a very common reaction. For example, the cobra does this when it raises the front part of its body and spreads […]

Why Cats Eat And Dig Up Houseplants

You may catch your cat in the act of eating or digging up your houseplants, or you may discover the telltale sign that the plant has been destroyed. Why do cats engage in this behavior? Just like with dogs, cats may sometimes eat greenery in order to help aid their digestion or just because they […]

Defensive Aggression In Cats

In cats Defensive Aggression may happen quite suddenly, an example for instance, during pets. Your cat suddenly lashes out when moments before everything seemed fine. However, you will be able to recognize your cats body language that follows these outbursts if you carefully pay attention to the signs. Maybe your cat was enjoying the petting […]

Earlobe Sucking In Cats

Earlobe sucking is when a cat either sucks on her owner’s earlobe, or on parts of her own body. It is a variation on wool sucking which is is a behavior that mimics suckling and cats who do it find it comforting. When a kitten is born, she should remain with her mother and littermates until […]

Why Cats Chase Their Tails

When a cat chases her tail she may be doing it as a way to help her release pent up anxiety or aggression or simply because she’s bored. However if the behavior is new to your cat and becomes repetitive, or frequent and intense, it could be an indication of a behavioral or medical problem. […]

Separation Anxiety In Cats

It is commonly known that separation anxiety is a behavior problem seen in dogs, but it also can occur in cats as well. The cause may be related to the cat being weaned too early or being orphaned. Cats show separation anxiety in a variety of different ways. They may be destructive, such as scratching […]

Why Do Cat’s Knead?

Kneading is when you see your cat pushing rhythmically out and then against an soft and pliant surface using her front paws in a kneading or paddling motion. So what does this behavior mean exactly? It is believed that when cats knead, they are content, and is backed up by the fact that they are […]


A cat will frequently rub on certain protruding objects in her territory by using the scent glands on her head and around her mouth. Some of her favorite spots may be doorways, bedposts, lamp shades, table legs, chairs or even your legs. By depositing facial pheromones on these objects within her territory it appears to […]

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