How To De-Skunk A Cat

The following recipe which appeared in Chemical & Engineering Magazine, is a far more effective solution at removing skunk oil than the old remedy of tomato juice and will not require repeated use. This recipe may also be used on dogs as well. De-Skunk Recipe: 1 Quart 3% Hydrogen Peroxide 1 Quarter Cup Baking Soda […]

How To Make A Feline First-aid Kit

Emergencies can happen at any time so it’s important for every cat owner to have a Feline First-aid Kit. You could buy a ready made kit or just as easily make your own by following the list below. The items you will need for your Feline First-aid Kit are: A Container for your First-aid Kit […]

We Test Vet’s Best Waterless Cat Bath

Generally speaking cats don’t like water, and they really don’t like to be bathed in a tub full of water. It stresses them out and can cause multiple scratches to the unlucky person doing the bathing. Vet’s Best Waterless Cat Bath was formulated as a solution to this problem by Veterinarian Dawn Curie Thomas. Made […]

How To Trim Your Cats Nails

To trim your cats nails you will first want to place your thumb on the top of her paw and your fingers underneath it to give support. You will then press down gently so that the nails will extend. Only the very tip of her nail should be clipped, this is the non-living cuticle. If […]

Feline Pine Scoop Cat Litter

I recently tried a bag of Feline Pine Scoop cat litter for the first time. Feline Pine is an all natural cat litter. It pretty much looks just like regular pine saw dust and it doesn’t get more natural than that. I own three extremely picky cats and they didn’t have any trouble at all […]

How To Apply Eye Medication

To apply eye medication, place your cat on a counter or sit with her in your lap in a “v” position, which means placing the cat between your legs facing away from you. This way is she tries to back up, she has no where to go. To administer ointment make sure your hands are […]

How To Take Your Cat’s Pulse

The first step in learning how to take your cat’s pulse, is to feel inside of her hind leg where it meets the groin for the femoral artery. This can be done while your cat is in a standing position. Now you will need to press your fingers on the artery until you can feel […]

Cleaning Your Cat’s Ears

Before you start to clean your cat’s ears make sure you take a good look inside them first, check for any sores, ear mites or signs of infection. If your cat has a blackish-brown crumbly material visible in her ears, that’s a tell-tale sign of ear mites. Your cat will need a visit to the […]