Cat Body Postures (Language)

The following is a brief guide to cat body language. Keep in mind that these are general descriptions only. When determining your own cat’s body language, take into account the environment she’s in. She may show only some of the characteristics of a certain body posture. In time, as you view your cat in certain […]

The Feline Aging Process

With cats, their lifestyle affects their life expectancy much more than the type of breed they are does. Well cared for indoor cats stand a much better chance of living to a ripe old age compared to outdoor cats who only see the vet for emergencies. The following is a chart comparing a cat’s age […]

Choosing a Male or Female Cat

Did you know that since all cats, except for those being kept for breeding purposes, should be neutered, so this in fact causes there to be very little difference between males and females in terms of behavior, health or longevity. And also contrary to popular belief, it is nothing more than a myth that neutered […]

Cat Talk: How and Why a Cat Purrs

The How To begin, there are many different theories competing with one another today explaining how a cat purrs. Some examples being, the vibration of the cat’s false vocal chords when inhaling and exhaling, the sound of blood hitting the aorta, and vibration of the hyoid apparatus, or resonation directly in the lungs. But currently […]