Why A Kitten Needs Interactive Play

Interactive play sessions are beneficial to your new kitten. These sessions are important because they help: reduce fear build muscle tone and coordination prevent items in your home from being damaged to teach what is and isn’t acceptable for her to scratch or bite ease discomfort after a traumatic event (for example, a loud noise […]

Why An Adult Cat Needs Interactive Play

Interactive play sessions are beneficial to an adult cat. These sessions help to: build trust build confidence strengthen the bond you share with one another reduce fear provide exercise for an overweight or sedentary cat encourage a normal and healthy appetite ease tension in a house with multiple cats build confidence in a nervous or […]

How To Tell If Your Cats Are Playing Or Fighting

It can be difficult to tell the difference sometimes between cat play or fighting. The following are a few general guidelines to help you determine which is which: When cats are playing, they may each hiss once or twice, but if your cats hiss several times, most likely they are fighting. Cats who play with […]

Exercise For The Indoor Cat

When owning an indoor only cat, the cat must be provided with opportunities for exercise and encouraged often to play games. Some welcome diversions you may offer to your cat are large, strong cardboard boxes (be sure they never contained any hazardous material), corrugated paper and tubes of cardboard. You may also wish to purchase […]

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