The Chatter

The chatter is a sound you hear a cat make when she clicks her teeth or jaw together. It is usually thought of as a way that a cat expresses excitement since it it often used while they observe prey. Like many cat vocalizations however, experts differ in their opinion about what the reflexive chattering […]

Why Cat’s Hiss And Spit

When a cat hisses, it is used a a defensive sound. The cat creates the hiss when she opens her mouth with lips pulled back, and then forces out a burst of air through an arched tongue. Since the sound resembles a snake, the cat will use the hiss to try and bluff her attacker […]

Meaning Of ‘Points’ In Feline Terminology

A cat’s ‘Points’ are the ears, nose, feet, and tail. For example, in cats which have a pointed pattern coat, their basic coat color is confined to the points. The remainder of the cats body is usually a pale cream, fawn, or white. The white may have a bluish, creamy, or ivory tinge to it. […]

Classification of Non-Pedigree Cats

Non-pedigree cats as pets have the advantage of having bred naturally, albeit usually by accident. They also more likely than not, have strays at some point within their ancestry. Non-pedigees are likely to be both healthy and hardy, with the weaker strains having been weeded out by the laws of survival. They also tend to […]

Classification Of The Cat: Body Types, Part II

The “Foreign” Cat The second basic body type is the “foreign” cat. An extreme example of the so-called foreign type would be the Siamese. The word “foreign” in this context has no geographical connotations; it simply means, in terms of the cat fancy, non-cobby. The Siamese which is an extreme example of the “foreign” type […]

Classification Of The Cat: Body Types, Part I

The Cobby Cat There are two basic body types. The first one is described as a cobby, and is exemplified by the British Shorthair and the Persian. The cobby type features a compact, sturdy body with a deep chest, broad shoulders and hind quarters, short legs and tail and a short, round head. There is […]

Meaning Of ‘Breed’ In Feline Terminology

The term “Breed” is used to describe a group of cats that share common physical characteristics and a registered ancestry going back several generations. It is not a precise term however, because what may be regarded as a breed in one country or in one decade may not be so in another. And while all […]

Meaning Of ‘Type’ In Feline Terminology

Type- The term “type” in feline terminology basically means the head and body features, including the cat’s size and shape, that characterize a breed. Sometimes this term is used on a more loosely basis to refer to a non-pedigree cat’s resemblance to a particular breed. An example of this might be said of such a […]

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