A Medical Journey

Guest Post by Carly. I’ve been a cat owner for as long as I can remember. My brown tabby, Seymour, is seventeen years old and has basically grown up with me. So when his kidneys failed a few months ago, I was devastated. I didn’t know what the side effects would be, or how long […]

What’s Wrong With My Cat’s Eyes: Feline Vestibular Syndrome

Guest Post by Carolyn. One of the most curious health problems that plague our feline friends is called feline vestibular syndrome. Resulting from an off-kilter biological balance system, the cat starts to be unable to stay standing and continually falls over or go in circles. Additionally, cats become nauseous and their eyes start pulsating left-to-right […]

How To Make Your Cat Happy

Guest Post by Elle-Rose. Your cats mental wellbeing is just as important as it’s physical health and nutrition. Many owners simply assume that their pet is “happy” and often, as there is no certain way to tell, many of us might become lazy in ensuring our pet is living a happy and fulfilled life. It […]

Educate Yourself: Help Ward Away Ticks and Fleas this Summer

Guest Post by Angelita. Students may be out for summer, but blood sucking fleas and ticks are out too. These vermin can potentially do major damage to your feline friend and cause an array of diseases, including Lyme disease and tapeworms. While the best way to protect your pet from fleas and ticks is to […]

Adoption Options

Guest Post by Sarah.Adopting Old Adopting older shelter pets can be great for both the adopted and adoptee – the animals find good homes, get a second chance at the life they deserve and help to reduce stress (without the mess!) and increase the love and happiness in your life. Though it seems that we […]

The 4 Weirdest Cat Behaviors (And Where They Come From)

Guest Post by Tiffany. Get to know your cat better by understanding these funny behaviors One of the greatest joys of having cats is their quirkiness; they do so many things that seem inexplicable. Given their wild roots, however, many of these behaviors actually make perfect sense (to the cat, anyway). Here are some of […]

Flat-Chested Kitten Syndrome or Pectus Excavatum?

Guest Post by Jemima. If you’ve just brought home a young kitten, or if your feline friend has recently had a litter, there are two respiratory conditions about which you should be aware—Flat-Chested Kitten Syndrome and Pectus Excavatum. Both conditions can be present in young kittens, and both have the potential to be fatal. While […]

Three Good Reasons to Get a Cat Microchipped

Guest Post by Gayle. There are multiple benefits to microchipping a cat, a procedure that can be done quickly and affordably at your local animal hospital. Using a needle, a veterinarian swiftly inserts a microchip under the loose skin behind a cats neck and the cat won’t even need to be anaesthetized. A microchip is […]