How To Sex A Kitten

Shortly after birth the sex of a kitten can be determined. The genitalia of a kitten compared to that of an adult is more difficult to see. One should have no problem determining the sex however if you look carefully. Face the kitten away from you and lift the tail to expose the anal region. […]

How To Bottle Feed Kittens

Feeding a kitten by bottle helps to satisfy the suckling urge, but bottle feeding will require that the kitten be strong enough in order to suck from the bottle. If using a commercial kitten nurser with a soft nipple, you will more than likely need to enlarge the hole in the nipple by using a […]

Neonatal Conjunctivitis

The eyes of a newborn kitten will not fully open until she is 10 to 12 days old. Before the eyes open, behind the eyelids there is a closed space that can become infected if infectious agents or bacteria gain entrance through small scratches around the eyes or through the bloodstream. The closed eyelids of […]

Common Illnesses In Kittens

Kittens like all living things can become ill. When your kitten isn’t feeling well, it’s not all that difficult to figure out that something’s just not right. A strong indicator that your kitten may be unwell is if she starts acting lethargic and doesn’t want to play as usual, since kittens, by nature, are usually […]


Roundworms are probably the most common type of worm found in both kittens and puppies alike. The larvae are transmitted to the kittens when nursing by the way of their mother’s milk. Kittens with roundworms will develop a pot belly like appearance where as the rest of their body remains thin. Cats acquire roundworms when […]


Septicemia is an infection that is seen in kittens under two weeks of age. This infection can enter the bloodstream by way of an infected umbilical cord or through bacteria-infected milk. Signs of septicemia include: distended, bloated stomachs, vocalization, and difficulty in defecation. The kitten may appear as if she’s constipated, but by taking a […]

Toxic Milk Syndrome

The milk of a mother cat can become toxic to her kittens due to breast infections such as mastitis. Commercial milk replacement may also be toxic if it has turned bad or has not been properly prepared. The signs of toxic milk syndrome can include diarrhea, excessive kitten volcalization, or a bloated stomach. Septicemia can […]

Feeding Kittens

Since your kitten’s body is going to go through major transformations in a short period of time (doubling in size several times in just mere months), good quality protein and nutrients will play an essential role. Kittens should be eating four meals a day after weaning until they’re four or five months old. You can […]

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