The Chatter

The chatter is a sound you hear a cat make when she clicks her teeth or jaw together. It is usually thought of as a way that a cat expresses excitement since it it often used while they observe prey. Like many cat vocalizations however, experts differ in their opinion about what the reflexive chattering noise a cat makes actually means. There are those who are of the opinion that the sound is meant to be of reassurance to prey, and there are those who believe that it may be meant to sound threatening. Others feel that it is rehearsal behavior due to a cat’s predator instincts, that the chatter is made in anticipation of a successful hunt and is also a way to practice the killing bite that is to be delivered to the prey. The sound may also be used as a way for a cat to show frustration due to prey that is out of her reach, an example being a bird she sees through a window.


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