Thinking of Bringing Home a Cat? Ten Supplies You’ll Need!

Guest Post by Aubrey. Whether you’re buying or adopting a cat, there are some basics you’ll want to purchase. You want your new cat to feel as comfortable as possible in its new home, so it can feel free to play, cuddle, and thrive. Here are the ten things you’ll need!

1. Litter box: Unless your cat will be trained to go potty outside, it will definitely need a litter box. These come in all varieties, from disposable, to electric self-cleaning, to the traditional, plain old plastic box, which works just fine on its own.

2. Kitty litter: The most common is scoopable clay litter, which clumps whenever your cat uses the bathroom, but there are many varieties (scoopable and non-scoopable), such as shredded newspaper, pine, or crystals. Some are better or worse for human allergies and sensitive cats, so do some research.

3. Litter scooper: Scoops come in all shapes and sizes, and some even have an anti-microbial coating on them to keep them clean longer. Try to find one with large enough gaps that your litter will pass through when you shake it gently, but with small enough gaps that your cat’s waste won’t drop through the holes.

4. Cat food: Every kitty needs to eat! Make sure you get a good supply of age-appropriate cat food, wet or dry, for your new cat. Check and see that it doesn’t have too many fillers like wheat gluten or by-product. If you wish to get them dry kibble to eat, make sure to grab a few cans of wet food, too, for extra moisture in their diet.

5. Food and water bowls: These can be porcelain, stainless steel, plastic, or other materials. Keep in mind that plastic bowls are harder to clean because they absorb odors, and in some cases bacteria, which can make your cat’s chin irritated.

6. Scratching post: The motion of scratching is an instinct and an exercise, which stretches the cat’s muscles healthfully, and is just plain fun and comforting. Get a sturdy scratching post that’s tall enough for your cat to stand on its hind legs and stretch on, but heavy enough that it won’t tip over.

7. Brushes: Hairballs are unpleasant for everyone, and they arrive because the cat swallows indigestible hair from licking itself, especially during the summer, when it sheds. Even short-haired cats need the occasional brushing.

8. Nail clippers: It’s healthier for cats to keep their claws, you will need to clip your cat’s intact nails about every month. Human nail clippers can split your new cat’s nail painfully, so it’s best to get clippers specifically designed for the shape of cat’s claws.

9. Toys: Playthings will keep your cat happy in its new home. Buy a few, and figure out if your cat prefers jingly toys, bird feathers, or something else. A laser pointer is always a good idea. Be warned, however, that you should always supervise your cat if it’s playing with strings, since swallowing a string can mean thousands of dollars of surgery for your new friend.

10. Comfortable pet bed: Cats sleep somewhere around 18 hours a day, and although cats really like human furniture, buying a fluffy pet bed, soft blanket, or thick towel can be nice. As above, watch out for loose strings.

With these ten things, your cat will feel like a very welcomed member of your family.

About the author:

Aubrey Phelps is a writer for, a site dedicated to helping pet owners learn all they need to know about pet care. She currently owns an 18 year old cat.

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